Know what life is? it’s a series of explosions set out by one another. One explosion sets of another which sets off another which in the end explodes into everything. We are explosions. Everyday we explode on different things. Things we live for or are passionate about – those are our explosions. We explode with the things we like. That’s how it is. Weird isn’t it? That i’m making a conjunction between good things and explosions? We don’t do that usually. We associate explosions with destruction but I mean really. Just really think about it. Explosions are everyday. Explosions are everything we do. We explode when we feel happy we explode happiness and we do things like hang out with friends or write or listen to music all these are explosions. Don’t get me wrong i’m getting to the latter. To the second part. Explosions are destruction. These are my explosions. I explode with my thoughts, with my anger, with my hate. I explode with the things I don’t trust or don’t believe in. Explosions are my ammunition. This keyboard is my trigger. This blog is my gun. Let us explode. Let us see these explosions and do something. Even it’s as menial as bitching about it on the internet this is our explosion. I hate this planet and I hate the people on it (except a few). I explode every day, every hour, every minute. We explode. We need to explode.If we didn’t explode in one way or another we would go insane. Artists explode by painting or drawing, Athletes explode with the sports they play, police explode with how they uphold the law…and writers explode by putting their thoughts down. I wrote this word for word without any pre thought. It probably made no sense. This is my explosion. Fuck the world, As this blog goes on we’re going to get more and more explosive.