I hate restrictions. I hate that I can’t just jump and fly around. I hate gravity and I hate everything else. Why the fuck can’t I run at 100mph? Why the fuck can’t I speak with animals? Why the fuck can’t I jump 100ft in the air? Yes I understand the science behind why we can’t. I understand physics and biology and all those are fucking things that explain why we CAN’T do things. What can we do? We can walk pretty slow, we can operate machinery that allow us to move faster. It sucks the only thing in this world that doesn’t have a restriction is your brain…BUT EVEN THEN WE ONLY USE A FUCKING PORTION OF IT IN OUR LIFETIME. So what the fuck is this bullshit? Life already sucks with the inevitability of death why the fuck place all these restrictions on people too? What kind of sadistic shit is that? I don’t think i’d give a fuck about dying as long as I could do what I wanted and just fly around the world. I will never see the entire world in my lifetime. Ever. That is the stone solid cruel fact. The wonders, The beauty, The interesting things and places I will never be able to visit haunt me. The fact that I will never be able to fly without the aid of an airplane haunts me. The fact that I will never be able to have a conversation with my cat even though I’m going to be spending up to a quarter of my life with him haunts me. This is bullshit. At the same time though I can’t complain too much. I mean one could argue that we walk slow so that we can enjoy our surroundings, one could argue that we need machines to fly so we really appreciate what it’s like up in the sky. One could say we can’t travel immense distances in space so we can appreciate just how vast and wondrous it really is. ¬†One could argue that we are given a limited life so that we can truly appreciate living. See it however you want but I still want my fucking super powers.