Don’t ever forget who you are.

Who are you? Have you become complacent? I was guilty of that. I enjoyed acting like someone I wasn’t because people actually liked me more. I understand that there’s certain social faux pas that you don’t do or whatever but I basically turned into a different person. It was actually kinda nice! ….until I started to forget who I was. Someone from my past came up and asked me what I was doing. Where I went and who I was now. It made me realize that yeah I changed who I was and it was nice but fuck I LOVED who I was before. I’m an angry, raging, fucking fabulous cannonball who tears through fucking everything. I’m a foul mouthed, hot headed, passionate, loving person who would do anything for his friends and family and will tell anyone off if they step out of line. I’m not fucking meek. I’m not fucking timid. The life on the other side of the fence was interesting but fuck it I want explosions! I WANT FUCKING FIRE. LET THE ERUPTION HAPPEN AND LET THE FUCKING WORDS FLOW LIKE PROVERBIAL BOMBS FROM MY FINGERTIPS. I enjoy being explosive. I enjoy being epic. Fuck normality, fuck the mundane. Lets get  rocking! LETS GET ANGRY. I was away for a little while, I was meek and small and timid for a little while. I’m back baby. Lets get this fucking blog back running again and lets get fucking rock and rolling. I am fire. I am a fucking typhoon. I am explosions and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and cyclones and a destructive force without rhyme or reason. That’s actually a lie. I write for a reason. I write to vent my anger at this stupid shitting evil piss-pile we call a planet. I write to fuel my own fire in order to bring about things that I find fucking outrageous about the world we live in and the life we live. I am way less unhappy with my life. When this all started I was depressed and sad but also angry. Now i’m a little sad but i’m fucking furious. Social norms, War, Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Corruption, Greed, Malice and People. So many things in this world piss me off. Lets cry, lets complain, lets yell and shout and punch fucking pillows and get angry. Lets bitch and moan and you know what? Lets change some fucking minds and make a difference. Believe it or not I always enact the lessons taught in my writings. I will become someone better. I know you will too.


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